Day One Hundred One: Stitching

Lighthouse....I know, I know.

My sister is getting me into embroidery or stitching. It is pretty interesting. This is my first sampler, upon which I have been trying to learn as many different types of stitches as possible.

I have collected some more gear, curteousy of my sister. My own set of needles, sewing scissors, butterfly sampler and hoop. Now all I need is a ton of floss and I’ll be good to go.

In a perfect world I will create sassy samplers that say things like “Eat it” Or movie quotes like “I’m a leaf on the wind; watch how I soar” and it will be covered in leaves. My best ideas I refuse to post on a public blog. You know, just in case they are watching. [Dons tin foil hat and closes blinds.]
We’ll see if my skills match my imagination as time progresses.

Making embroidery contemporary this way will open doors for more people who wish to get into it and will get away from the over done “home sweet home” patterns. They are sweet, but overdone and you can’t deny that.
I can’t wait to see Justin Beiber and Batman embroidery samplers out on the shelves. Mostly because I need a good laugh.