Day One Hundred: Tasty Bats


I’ve recently discovered a wonderful and easy-peasy ginger bread cookie recipe and when I make it they get gobbled up right away. One of my favorite parts about this recipe is that there are no eggs in the cookie dough. So as you are rolling it out and cutting cute little bats you can be eating little bits of dough too.

The “cookie cutter” that I used for the bats in this picture was intended for making kids sandwiches more interesting. Surely you’ve seen the sandwich cutters  for kids hanging on the bread aisle; there are hearts and dinos too.

Because of my recent success with these cookies I have added to my cookie cutter collection. My cookies always end up lightly dusted with flour because the dough is pretty sticky (tons of molasses).

I [joked] with my friends that it looked like my bats have WNS (white-nose syndrome)  that has been killing millions of bats all over the U.S.

If you’ve never heard of it then you should really look into it. They still have no clue how to stop it. Resources such as Bat Conservation International or the website for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department are a good place to start. Unless you’re just a Wikipedia fanatic.