Day Ninety-Eight: Mei’s Shoes


Her lost shoes IRL

Just before Halloween I was purusing the shelves in one of the five Goodwill stores in town (Too many?).
While looking around I came across these child size shoes.

If you have never seen My Neighbor Totoro then shame on you. Go and watch it. I have the movie so if you want to borrow it then just let me know.

At one point in the movie the little sister (Mei pronounced May) gets lost from her family and the locals create a search party to look for her. Don’t worry the great forest spirit finds her and she’s safe.
While they are searching one character finds a shoe in a pond and tearfully asks if they belong to her. Satsuki (big sister) says they are not and the search continues.

Well….I guess these aren’t Mei’s shoes in real life, but it was awesome to find them just the same. Maybe I’ll see Mei wandering around carrying some corn for her mom soon.