P is for Picnic

every picnic should have this view

Bring on the ants, bees, sun kissed cheeks, and dogs playing Frisbee.

Picnicking (an ugly version of this word) has such a wide variety of meanings.
To some it can mean a woven basket, caviar and a bottle of wine on a well manicured estate lawn.

You can sit at a dining table, picnic table, in a boat, on a blanket or tree stump.
You are free to eat fancy things, cold cut sandwiches or bring your fried chicken bucket to a picnic.
They can be attended in shorts, jeans, suits, dresses, slacks, or in some cases, completely nude.
Picnics are ideal when the weather is nice of course but not too hot.
Picnics can be taken on water, in a cave, on a mountain, in a valley, by a creek/river or in a big city park.

Picnics, much like solitaire, can be done however the attendees wish. As long as it is enjoyable :)

Of course I begin to think of summer and relaxing picnics during December when the weather (in my area) is just starting to get really bitter. The coldest weather usually happens in January and February so I have several months to go before picnics would be comfortable for me.

Fresh air, food, laughs, games, sunshine and relaxation.
That is why picnics are so much fun.