M is for Music

Not my tattoo

Music can be used to express emotion, to invigorate, to lull oneself into sleep, to praise, tell a story, or get into the holidays. There are so many uses for music and it is used in nearly every culture.

I love music for fun. There is nothing quite like getting your groove on to some sick beats. One of my favorite ways to really let loose and get rid of tons of stress is to dance it out.

I am in no way intending to mislead my readers into thinking that I dance well, but being skillful and being happy are two entirely different things.
I also like to work, exercise, cook, clean and do just about anything with a little bit of music jammin’ in the background and that is because I think MUSIC is tons of FUN!

For example: I am enjoying the R&B/Pop Holiday station on Pandora. There are some fun versions that I have heard tonight. Beiber singing “Mistletoe” is NOT one of them.

M could also be for mangoes, movies and makeup.

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