Q is for Quiz

For Brown Coats: http://www.seabreezecomputers.com/serenity/

I was Kaylee by the way. Yesssss.

Social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook make quizzes so easily accessible it is ridiculous. Myspace first got me hooked—Yes, I have deleted my account.

Then there are the form type memes that one can fill out about oneself. Don’t forget to tag other people so they will do it too. Mostly they are filled with silly questions like “favorite color,” or “first boyfriend.” However, every once in a while I have come across one with questions that are more random and more fun to answer.

I think quizzes and the form meme give people an outlet to tell these things about themselves or try to do a self analysis. Hrmm, am I intensely intelligent? How do you spell “why”?
When we were children it was more forgivable to bring up a favorite list of things without context.

It is hard to claim that there is much substance to a simple character quiz made a Twi-fan, but is it fun? Well, I think the answer is yes. Quizzes online, game show quizzes, quizzing your friend about her first date with her hottie, or even pop quizzes in class.

Day One Hundred Five: Supa’ Slim

sweet puppy eyes

This is Slim. He is a two year old neutered beagle at the shelter in my area. Okay, that is not entirely true. He WAS at the humane society in my area. I adopted him six days ago and he’s slowly settling in.

He was a stray and was therefore underweight and didn’t know any name. His shelter name was Slim because he was so skinny. In six days he is quickly changing. He is much more confident and cheerful around people. His coat is shiny and he is slowly packing on some more weight.

Being a young beagle he is full of energy constantly. He is very mouthy and reminds me of a baby the way he must test everything in his mouth.

His new name is Tybalt (Tib-Alt).

I hope he likes his new home as much as we love him.

Look how at home he is on his first night at home

One Hundred Four: Zebra Lady


I forgot to post this awesome picture. So here we go :)

This was my Halloween costume. My alternative was a Magic Eight Ball but that was just out of pure laziness.

My costume included: A wig that was reminiscent of Cruella De Vil’s hair, white and black facepaint, a zebra vest, a white tank top with a huge zebra head on it. In addition, I had fuzzy zebra striped socks and some striped pants.

It was a fun costume. I was super creepy to my family and they agreed I was the scariest at our party because I was so alien looking.

Day One Hundred Three: Pot Pie

Dipping into deliciousness

I was a little worried to make my own crust because many people told me it was hard to get the dough just right to make a good crust. Maybe it is because I used shortening instead of butter, or maybe it was simply a fluke.

My crust was awesome. This is a picture of my husband making the first cut into our chicken pot pie. It was really and truly awesome.

I confess that this is my second attempt at a pot pie. I played with the innards on the second go round and tried my first crust instead of using the frozen pre-made shells.

This pie pan that I made it in was much, much too small.

Day One Hundred Two: Xmas Ornament

Trifecta of lame

I guess that would be more of a Lame-fecta.
Above is pictured the $20.00 Twilight ornament that we saw. Even in miniature form I can tell that they cannot act. Pretty sad.

The Hallmark gift store is an unknown land to me and therefore entirely strange. I wandered through there recently with my brother, husband and sister in law. We did not leave the store heavily burdened with cutesy gifts.
The character ornaments were interesting but too expensive and too heavy. A real tree would sag under the weight of just one of these monster ornaments.

I would feel a little bit better about this ornament if it were several things:
1) Didn’t weigh nine hundred pounds
2) Wasn’t $20 retail
3) They were not grimacing/frowning/pouting/have constipation (whatever that expression is supposed to be). Can’t they be happy on Xmas?
4) Bella were wearing a green miniskirt and candy striped tights
5) The boys were wearing Santa hats and holding candy canes.

Happy Christmas, ya’ll!