L is for Love


It's all you need

I just got married on the 10th of September to the love of my life. We have been together for four and a half years and we’ve been through some real shit together. Somehow, even though I know I am intensely irritating at times….He still loves me and I love him.
Don’t worry I plan on adding some more wedding blogs detailing what I did and such….if you wanna get all bleary eyed. I was going to make K for Kisses, but really I love the whole package. I love the K-kisses, L-laughter, S-sex, H-hugs, W-wife, H-husband, C-couple. Every bit of it.

Of course love and happiness is a lot of work, but we work together towards solutions and give each other space when needed. He is my love. So I suppose that L stands for Kit my husband and he’s a whole lotta fun.
When I get some wedding blogs posted I will link from here for reader ease.



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