K is for Kittens

channel surfing can be tiring

This is the newest addition to our farm family. She showed up on the door step this summer (while I was in TX) and was so adorable that my finance (at the time) Kit had to feed her and bathe her. This particular kitten has an interesting story which I will relate momentarily, but first I want to share a brief bio.

Name: Isabella.
Nicknames: Skitter-butt, Izza-Belly, Bella, Izzy, kitten.
Age: ?? (stray, likely less than one year old).
Breed/Classification: Dilute calico.
Sex: Female.
Weight: 5 lbs (?).
Speed type: Two levels; wide open and asleep.
Favorite Toys: Plush mouse with tail (catnip) and anything else that rolls or can be “wrastled”.
Hobbies: Chasing her own tail, jumping through our venetian blinds and chasing owners around the house.

Although my (now) husband adopted the kitten from the front porch, she has chosen me as her sole napping lap. Kit is convinced that it is because I feed her more regularly than he does.

My kitten actually has two rescue stories. The first I have already shared. The second rescue story is (sadly) when she came into our care. There is a single central air vent in our house that does not have a cover. Don’t ask me why, I know it’s stupid. Apparently our kitten likes climbing and crawling into small places far more than we imagined. One day while we were loading our vehicle full of supplies to clean and decorate our wedding venue we noticed that the kitten was not in her usual haunts. We immediately thought we left the screen door swinging just a bit too wide behind us and she was back out into the wilds.

We had not had our kitten quite long enough for her to be totally devoted to us. She was still very scared of people and loud noises. She was always ready to bolt.
We searched and searched all over the house, calling her name and asking the outdoor cats if they had seen her.
2 1/2 days later I was sitting on the couch with my older sister drinking tea and solving the problems of the world. My sister, Daphne, asked what that noise was. I heard mewling and thought sounds just like Isabella, but said aloud, “Probably one of the cats outside.” After deciding the noise was coming from underneath the house and, no the cats don’t have access to that area I began frantically looking.

I pulled the sofa away from the wall, hoping that the kitten wasn’t pinned between the wall and sofa. It didn’t take me long to find out that the noise was coming from the covered air vent. As useless as it was I kept repeating “sweet kitty” and “c’mere Izzy.” My arm was not slender enough to fit into the vent (after removing the cover) and the cat wouldn’t come out by herself. We applied incentive in the form of hot dog bits and Isabella ate them hungrily but informed me (quite loudly) that she could not squeeze through.

I knew she must have squeezed in the vent without a cover so I ran to the kitchen and sprawled on the floor calling her name through the hole and tearing up bits of hot dog. I called Kit and asked what he would do. And kept calling. Thankfully by calling her name and the delicious smelling hot dog right outside the hole it lured her out. I squee’d in triumph and the noise scared the cat back into the hole. After going back and forth like this a couple of times I grew wise and lured her far enough out of the vent to clog the hole and win for good.

She was skinnier as you can imagine so we made sure to spoil her a little extra and give her some wet food in between her usual high nutrition kitten food. She’s happy, less skittish and has not (and WILL NOT) take another trip into the coal mines of our household.
Moral of the story: a) Always kitten proof the house first, and b) Keep hot dogs on hand.

Kittens, when not spelunking, are fabulous to watch, play with and pet. Even if the little buggers do bite your ankles sometimes. K-Kittens sure are FUN!

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