Day Ninety-Three: Rain!!

windshield droplets

Nearly all of the counties in Texas are currently under a burn ban. We are under one and as you can imagine it is super duper dry around here. There is crunchy grass around my trailer and even our “constant level lake” is seeing the effects of the rainless months.We got a light sprinkling of rain a few days ago. It sprinkled for maybe 30 or 45 minutes. Not enough to even make the ground moist. It all immediately soaked right into the ground.
Although it wasn’t nearly enough I can’t tell you how much joy it brought to me to smell the rain. If you haven’t smelled rain in weeks then you know what I’m talking about.
It’s a sweet smell (like grass) and a fresh smell. I could smell it just before it started and I couldn’t be more happy that I was outside at that moment. I totally forgot that my windows on my car were down. Not that it really made a difference.
Don’t take your rain for granted. Back home they have tons of rain. I would love to play in a Kentucky thunder storm again.

Day Ninety-Two: Rat Creatures

ROUS's, I don't think they exist

May not seem like a big deal to you, but bathroom time is private time. I have carried on conversations with people, yes. At the end of a long work day with the public all I was is five minutes on the pooper.

This leashed hound was in the stall next to me with its mother. And it wanted to explore into my realm. I was thoroughly creeped out at this instrusion and tucked my feet in close so it wouldn’t lick my toes. It went back and forth peaking at me several times.

And yes, I am also that person who is texting in the bathroom stall next to you mid-dump. Just don’t touch my phone.

I is for Internet; the series of tubes

we just hope it won’t get clogged

The Internetz generation. That is the what I have come from and what I will continue to live in throughout my life. I’m sure the next generation will be even more dependent and wired than my generation. I wonder when technology will surpass me and children under ten will say to me, “What are you doing!?” and snatch the gadget from my fumbling hands.

Gadgets that I own I try to explore so I am never in the clueless boat. I hate hearing from other people the cool abilities of my tech gear. Makes me seem silly.

From my early age I was surfing the Internet. To the youth of today our ’90s version of the Internet was lacking in amounts of information and organization. I visited sites such as,, candy brand websites that had flashgames, Pug (puzzles) and searched in vain for fun sites on My Little Pony and Animainiacs.

once I became a “cool” tween and teenager, I found sites like Myspace. Which at this point in my Internet Maturity seems like a childish comparison to the sophisticated sites I visit today.

My usual haunts are really not at all sophisticated, but the search tools are much better and the communications are smoother. youtube, facebook, wordpress,, all the Google services (pretty much), and wikipedia (best place to start term paper research). I also enjoy other time wasters like Failblog, Post Secret blog, and photobomb (I still haven’t seen anyone upload a picture of my bombing visitors at parks).

The Internet is infinitely browsable and constantly growing, which is why it is in my Dictionary under ‘I’ is for FUN!