Day Ninety: The North Pier

Pier by my “home”

The North Pier is right by my trailer. It’s actually a 1.5 min walk across the single lane road (campsite loop).  This is where I like to go in the late afternoons and watch the sun set. There are usually people there at dusk with their small children trying to teach them the ways of fishing. The kids take this time to scamper up and down the pier.

While I’m taking my dusk stroll I usually run into some families that I have checked in at the front counter. It’s a little weird to have them recognize me. I need to work on my after hours disguise. They usually flood me with camping or fishing questions so I don’t stay on the pier long. I’m off work guys. I don’t want to even think about those questions when I’m watching the sunset.
There is not much to say about my pier. There it is.