Day Ninety-One: Graduation Present

swinging and chilling

When I first arrived I wanted to put up my graduation present but I only had one tree and I couldn’t figure out a way to put my hammock up using my picnic table nor my camper trailer. I wanted to use the post [pictured] but I was worried that since it was holding up the electrical box that I would be doing something not allowed.

Turns out it is merely a post. As soon as I got this information I put up my hammock (first week of June). And since then I have thoroughly enjoyed it! It is soooo hot here during the middle of the day I usually use it early in the morning or in the evening as the sun is going down and there is a less oppressive heat.
The evenings are still warm here and I’m considering grabbing some bedding and spending the night in my hammock one night. I want to test drive it just to see if I would be able to do it for a full evening. If I can then I have found my new backpacking friend. I will need to buy or figure out a way to make a bug/rain tarp and put over it if I really want to go camping with it.
Thus far, it is one of my favorite places to read or talk in the phone. I love to wander around while I’m on the phone, but this is a great way for me to stay moving (swinging) and still stay in one spot. Makes me seem less crazy too.

Day Ninety: The North Pier

Pier by my “home”

The North Pier is right by my trailer. It’s actually a 1.5 min walk across the single lane road (campsite loop).  This is where I like to go in the late afternoons and watch the sun set. There are usually people there at dusk with their small children trying to teach them the ways of fishing. The kids take this time to scamper up and down the pier.

While I’m taking my dusk stroll I usually run into some families that I have checked in at the front counter. It’s a little weird to have them recognize me. I need to work on my after hours disguise. They usually flood me with camping or fishing questions so I don’t stay on the pier long. I’m off work guys. I don’t want to even think about those questions when I’m watching the sunset.
There is not much to say about my pier. There it is.


Day Eighty-Nine: “Ain’t God Good?”

Not too sure about these folk

Many of our visitors come from the bigger cities (Austin) and that means they also come with their money. This family in particular were ready for their “camping” adventures.

They brought their motorcycle on the front of the truck, extended cab truck, travel trailer, barn fan, and trailer with two jet skiis.
The decal on the back of the travel trailer it says “Ain’t God Good?”
I spent the entirety of my last semester in the backcountry with only what I could carry on my back. I slogged around in wet and muddy clothes and shoes. I bathed in the river, buried my poop in the dirt and washed my face with a warm mint tea bag (go ahead, try it in the morning, very refreshing). This seems infinitely strange to me.
I have my own opinions about this, but what do you think?


Day Eighty-Eight: Everything is Big in Texas…and covered in Guac

Even the burger is smirking at you. Be jealous

 I truly have a lovely, lovely fiance. While he was here with me in TX for the first few days he helped me settle in and made sure my freezer was stocked with food before flying back home. He also made me food. I love this man.

When we make burgers at home we make sure to make them right. Mine [pictured] is dressed past the point of oozing all over, which means it is perfect. It has spicy mustard, onions, tomatoes and guacamole. It was so delicious and my napkin didn’t live to the end of the meal.

Please note my UT coozie that I purchased :)

Day Eighty-Seven: Travel Trailer AKA Home

From the bed to the spare bedroom at the far end

This photo was taken taken day two of living in the trailer. As you can see there is a lot that still needs to be unpacked and organized. I promise that my camper doesn’t look nearly so awful now. It is a bit messy, but things can be cleaned as needed.

Joss Whedon, if you’re reading this blog because you have been Googling yourself and accidently stumbled upon this I really hope that you notice my shameless plug of Serenity. Go brown coats!!  If you haven’t seen Serenity or its TV show predescessor (Firefly) then you simply must. Western meets space and delightful characters and actors to boot.

My camper although small is perfect for someone like me. It has little floor space with means sweeping and mopping take hardly any time. I brought only two sets of dishes (bowls, plates, utensils) which means I run out of clean dishes quickly, but it also means that I will not leave huge loads of crusty, hard to clean dishes in the tiny sink for more than a day or one meal’s time.

I will try to take a picture of my camper now that I have settled in a bit more and it is not quite so messy. For now I am using the spare bedroom as a storage room. My extra clothes, shoes, campchairs and other paraphenalia is being stored in there. If someone wishes to come stay with me please give me a couple hours’ notice so I can clear a spot for you in there!

Does anyone have the slightest clue where the pilot is in the little camper stove? I want to bake something or cook a frozen pizza but I’m not sure where the gas comes out and I don’t want to just stick my head in the oven with a lit match and the gas on. I am not quite so blond.