F is for Flatulence

In my youth (tween-teen years), I had two older brothers who were in the middle of their “farting is hilarious” stage. So really, I have thought farts were hilarious for a very long time.

Throughout this semester I have renewed my since of enjoyment for farting. A couple of classmates in my cohort might have what you would call a problem with farting. A colon disorder, intestinal issues or any other disorders you could think to label them with.

As some of my classmates mentioned I am going to have to get used to what farting is like in the real world. Our semester trips have had the norm of farting is humorous. Farts are things to lay silently in someone’s tent/sleeping bag/face/vicinity, light on fire or even stop a lesson in it’s tracks to take a good laugh.

Our farts have character and are always welcomed.

P.S. Welcome home to me!
P.P.S. Make sure to check out Murcia’s Letter A. I gotta say I have to agree on this one. I love the fall and not just because my birthday is during that time.

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