Day Eighty-Five: Class of 2011

real smile, fake diploma

I realize there are TONS of people graduating this time and year and you could give less than two shits about one more undergraduate whooping it up this weekend.
However, please take a few minutes to note my raw awesomeness:

  • Graduated with honors (red/white cords) from University
  • Member of Honors Society of Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport Department (red sash of awesomeness)
  • Summa Cum Laude honors (four levels, this is the highest and I got a higher honor than my sister/role model)
  • GPA 3.88 on a 4.0 scale
  • My mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, fiance and rec buddy (one year behind me) all sat through my boring as hell graduation just for me :D
  • My awesome family and friends showered me with gifts I wasn’t expecting and they all were thinking about my needs and wants for my career field and interests
  • They served fried chicken at my honors reception

    Coming Soon in the next 365 post:

  • I got to go to doughnut shop after graduation

Day Eighty-Four: What a Laugh

Least attractive picture of the year...

The one thing I can say about my last semester at University is that I had lots of laughs. This photo was taken by one of my very gracious classmates. I pulled up my bike shorts in an effort to keep them dry during this creek crossing. His most valuable item was his can of Grizzly Dip [GrizCo, feel free to send us tons of cash when you use this photo in an ad].

We are using creek crossing safe/stability techniques except we were both laughing so hard that if one of us had fallen we would both be in the water in a second.
Instead of stabilizing each other we ended up having a super wide space between us so that both of us had our butts sticking out as we waddled across.

It was one of the hotter days of hiking so we would not have minded falling in one single bit. Don’t worry, the rest of the trip it was overcast, poured down rain and flooded the river we were trying to paddle down.

Love ya, Shakes :)


I don't endorse the source of this photo nor its political party.

I start the drive to Texas tomorrow. It will take a day and a half of hard pushing [stop with the dirty jokes already] to get there, but it will be a great summer.

I will be working there for about two and a half months to finish my BS degree. I got to walk this spring with everyone else and have many silly pictures to share in the coming posts.

Thank you for reading….or, thank you for accidentally stumbling up0n my blog when you were Google searching a similar phrase.

I plan to update my photo blog and ABC of Fun blog very, very soon.
There will likely be another blog post on wedding plans as well as we draw closer and closer to the big day :)

photo source. No, I tea-totally think they are crazy, but I will still credit my Google image search source.

F is for Flatulence

In my youth (tween-teen years), I had two older brothers who were in the middle of their “farting is hilarious” stage. So really, I have thought farts were hilarious for a very long time.

Throughout this semester I have renewed my since of enjoyment for farting. A couple of classmates in my cohort might have what you would call a problem with farting. A colon disorder, intestinal issues or any other disorders you could think to label them with.

As some of my classmates mentioned I am going to have to get used to what farting is like in the real world. Our semester trips have had the norm of farting is humorous. Farts are things to lay silently in someone’s tent/sleeping bag/face/vicinity, light on fire or even stop a lesson in it’s tracks to take a good laugh.

Our farts have character and are always welcomed.

P.S. Welcome home to me!
P.P.S. Make sure to check out Murcia’s Letter A. I gotta say I have to agree on this one. I love the fall and not just because my birthday is during that time.