Day Eighty-Three: 2nd Calf of Spring


This was taken less than 15 minutes after this little calf was born. O’Hara is the mama and we’re not sure yet how she will be. O’Hara was a bit spooked by Kit because she was having her calf right when he was putting out a roll of hay. The heifer calf has promise because she was squalling and standing up (shakily).

Although her mama seemed nervous with us so close by she was cleaning off the calf and we’re confident that as soon as we cleared out she would let the calf begin nursing.

The actual birthday of this calf was April 23rd–Around 7:30AM.
You can really tell that little calf is O’Hara daughter by the way her mask is placed just so. She’ll likely always be small like her mother which means not an ideal beef cow.

By the time I return from my trip she’ll be running around like mad with her older sister (daughter of She-Daisy).
Now we have two calves that needs names!