Day Seventy-Six: Party All the Time

Luau Kitty

Yes, this photo was taken the same night that I was dancing like a fool. This cat in particular is not known for being chill. She wore her lei for about half an hour before going psycho cat and demanding it be off of her body. For about 10 seconds she also wore some brightly colored sunglasses as well.

I couldn’t help but share this picture….it’s just so darn cute.

D is for Dancing

plaid and hibiscus go together sooooo well

I must point out that to enjoy something you don’t have to be really good at it. This especially applies to my “D” because I love to dance. I don’t have any training nor do I look cool when I try. I do, for certain, look like a white girl.

This is particularly dweebie picture of me dancing between choruses of Time Warp. Free-styling :)  I also sport the electric slide, dougie, hokey-pokey, macarena and the twist. I also will pick any venue: shower, in front of mirror, washing dishes, folding laundry or making dinner. Bring on the tunes!

Make fun if you want, but I love to Dance and that is why it is in my ABCs of Fun!

Day Seventy-Eight: Canoeing Fashion

role model

The past couple of weeks I have been working towards my American Canoe Association (ACA) instructor certification. This past week we have been working on white water and I expect that I will fall in the water daily. So I have been wearing the most hideous water clothes that I can find.

The only part of this outfit I did not wear on water were the green Crocs. I wore some water Keens to ensure my footwear stayed on. Just for those who are slow of study, I am wearing at least three different patterns on my body. Four if you count the checkered bathing suit top I’m wearing underneath my striped tank top.

This color and pattern clash is similar to the way Kit dressed when I first met him and it amuses him to no end that I am dressing the same way that I loath.