Day Seventy-Five: Bloomin’

fragrant lilacs :D

Every day when I go outside to feed the farm animals before school I inspect my lilac bush and every day the flowers are not quite perfectly bloomed yet. We’ve been having crazy super dry then wet weather and super hot then cold weather. I think that has been slowing their process down a little bit.

Today was the first real day where they were super fragrant and almost completely bloomed. there are still a few closed buds, but walking by the smell envelopes you in amazing.

After my beautiful march bells wilt at the end of March then my beautiful lilac bush in the front yard takes that vacancy in April. Please come by my house and enjoy their awesomeness.

B is for Baking/Day Seventy-Four: Bah-Bakin’

loaves of awesome

Besides Blogging, Boardgames, Bubble Baths and Bocce (Bot-chi), I love to bake! I don’t feel that I make enough time for myself for baking, but it’s really really fun. Kneading bread should really be in its own fun category, it’s a work out and tons of fun at the same time.

Not just baking bread, but also…

broccoli/cheese/rice cassThis is one of my favorite comfort foods. Also, it is ridiculous how easy this is to make. Simply throw all of it in the baking dish and give it a few minutes in the oven.

blackberry cobbler

I also like baking sweet stuff from time to time. This is a picture of the cobbler I made last summer using the blackberries on our farm. It was a “drop cobbler” recipe in which spoonful sized bits of dough is dropped among the berries, sugar and cream. Much more even and there wasn’t that evil “crust” area that is so often neglected in pie crusts and some cobblers.

Did I mention I also love photographing my baking projects?