Day Eighty-Three: 2nd Calf of Spring


This was taken less than 15 minutes after this little calf was born. O’Hara is the mama and we’re not sure yet how she will be. O’Hara was a bit spooked by Kit because she was having her calf right when he was putting out a roll of hay. The heifer calf has promise because she was squalling and standing up (shakily).

Although her mama seemed nervous with us so close by she was cleaning off the calf and we’re confident that as soon as we cleared out she would let the calf begin nursing.

The actual birthday of this calf was April 23rd–Around 7:30AM.
You can really tell that little calf is O’Hara daughter by the way her mask is placed just so. She’ll likely always be small like her mother which means not an ideal beef cow.

By the time I return from my trip she’ll be running around like mad with her older sister (daughter of She-Daisy).
Now we have two calves that needs names!

Day Eighty-Two: Pooh Shoe

little foot

On the last trip to the Buffalo National River we found some river trash and it got attached to my thwarts because this was my nickname.

On the 10 day trip we were giving people nicknames and as it turned out everyone had a bear themed name.
It all started with one guy being called Honey Bear. Then we got Kare-Bear, Papa Bear, Sugar Bear, and Shakey-Bear. Those are all the ones I can remember off the top of my head.

My first nickname given was Pooh Bear and therefore I got to keep the river trash. I have evolved into Mama Bear because I mother people and yell at them to put on sunscreen while we’re on river.

Pooh Bear with the Pooh Shoe, Day one

Our Australian classmate has been nicknamed the Roo Baby because he jumps up in the air with both feet to kick a hacky sack to the other players. I will get a picture of that before the end of the semester.

I’m leaving today for my next long trip of 12 days. I will return late on the 8th but have scheduled some posts to keep you company along the way :)

Links of Interest

Gulf Oil Spill One Year Later-photos of oil wrecked areas and (with a click) you can see updated picture of the same areas. (depressing)

Marines singing Britney Spears-Soldiers singing/acting in youtube videos never cease to crack me up. This is another one of my favorites, it has strong language not appropriate for work.

Kid saves his sister by performing CPR he learned from TV-Little kid was all, “psh, she was dying, so I did what I had to do.”

Oatmeal on Coffee-Some fun facts.

Zombie Easter Bunny-product. I wish I had this for my Easter celebrations.

Reading Furniture-Comfy or not? I tend to sprawl out when I read, I might not be able to sit in that chair. Enticing none the less.

Bacon DIY Contest-I gotta say the bacon-roses are rather impressive, if gross.

Why you feel like crap-just watching this makes me want to sneeze.

Honest Logos-cute pictures of how we actually use our businesses.

This is really sick…-Cutting baby shaped cake. No harm, just looks bad.

I wanna make this someday-I had ceviche in Costa Rica and have been pining for it ever since.

Insane girl with crazy talent-I bet she makes animal noises in the sack.

Paragraphs Between Assignments

Recently, I’ve been craving some reading materials but lacking the time to actually sit down with a book. Yesterday I just started reading a book called A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. I figured it was fitting since I’m doing so much hiking and backpacking, short book and fast read about a comedic writer who decides to take on the Appalachian Trail.

I doubt that I will ever be fit enough or determined enough to hike the entire AT, but I would love to hike some sections of it at some point in my life. Maybe when I make tons of money [insert sarcastic laughter here] and can take  a couple of months off from work.

Yes, Rec majors can read

Thanks to a link from my friend I have found another book that I would like to get my hands on sometime soon. Here is the link to a book review my friend shared. The cover art for the version is not quite as enticing, but the $10.57 price is a good price. I’d like to say that I keep up with caving related items making it into mainstream media, but I’m a little late on this one.

I might have to convince my librarian friend to purchase this for her collection just so I can have it. We’ll see, I may buy it just for the artwork which, according to all the reviews I’ve read, is spectacular. Hard to draw darkness and make it seem cool :)
Has anyone read this graphic novelist’s more popular book, Whiteout? The art looks a lot more rough, but apparently the story is good.

A friend/classmate of mine recently moved closer to town and brought a trunk full of books that he owns. I already told him I would be stealing one for our 12 day canoeing trip starting Tuesday. I need something to read just to recharge while I’m out there.

Here’s my Shelfari account. I haven’t been keeping up with it as well as I should be, but there ya go.

E is for Eating

Dessert first!

Eating is something I have always loved to do and still love to do. I enjoy most foods: veggies, fruits, grains, meats, sweets, etc :)
This may not be what most people call fun, but I really enjoy it.

I like baking and cooking food and I really love eating it! I’m a grazer while I cook, so often times I’m full by the time everyone else is ready to eat.

I still believe the best way to eat a mango or watermelon is to sit on the back porch in the sunny afternoon with juice dripping down to my elbows and being so sticky and gross that I have to wash my arms in the watering hose outside.
Not every food has to be enjoyed via elbow ingestion, but some of the best experiences are where you can really dive into the food.

don't forget the turkey

Much like cooking and baking I really love to eat with other people. I will go to the extent of skipping an actual meal (only snacking) if I can’t find anyone to eat lunch with me.

I cannot express to you the joy of my taste buds when I first ate Indian food. Curry and lassi melting on my tongue. I ate very slowly, taking sips of icy water to clean my pallet between bites and reintroduce the spicy flavor to my mouth with each forkful.

Eating: You have to do it so often during your life time why not enjoy it? Add a bit of garlic or red pepper and really enjoy the food you’re eating.