Day Sixty-Seven: First Spring Calf!!

little red calf, who's your daddy?

I’m honestly surprised how close she allowed me to get to her, but this has a lot to do with her mother not giving a whip and feeding her face. Her mother is the black horned cow with the white underside you see over top of the calf.

There are two completely black bulls in the field with She-Daisy…I have no idea how that cow came out red. It probably has a lot to do with who’s mama the black bulls are, because they came from red and black cows. She will probably get darker as she grows older.

When I sent him the picture of the calf, Kit commented that her legs were meaty. I have no idea what counts as a “meaty calf leg”,but I suppose they are well built. She’s a tiny calf next to the grown cows and she looks a bit scrawny, but I think she will fatten up on milk and pretty soon she’ll start picking and decides if she likes all the new foods that her new world offers.

The calf looks a tad pissy, but she was really just curious why I was kneeling down next to her. She was looking around a lot and kept getting under hoof of the other cows who in turn kicked or nudged her out of the way with horns. Ya gotta love a family like that.

I suppose she was born yesterday or early this morning. Congratulations, She-Daisy!

Day Sixty-Six: My Last Name…Lost

broken key chain

Somewhere between my house and driving to Illinois (Ill-ah-noise) I broke my key chain. You may be scoffing to yourself ‘what a huge deal, the world cannot continue spinning, Kat!’

It’s not that big of a deal, but it really did mean a lot to me. I have had my initials keychain since I was 15. Stop scoffing, six years is a lot if you’re barely over two decades.
It was a gift from my at-the-time boyfriend who had made it for me in his woodshop class (cliche, no?). He tried multiple times and kept cutting the corners too close and broke off the letters. This was a labor of love and obsession, or perhaps just a labor of boredom and assignment.

Me and that guy have since parted ways, and therefore it holds little value based on the giver but I still cherish that it was handmade and has ALWAYS been on my key chain. That little buddy was what made my key chain immediately recognizable in a pile of rings.

I also found this freakishly ominous (not to read too much into it) because I will be graduating soon and there will be a new definition of self as I step into the professional realm. Also, at the end of this summer I will have a new last name, only the last initial broke off.

I have considered finishing the break of my last initial and just leaving the first two. I have also considered getting a new one made, with my new initials. It will be a good conversation starter with people that know my last name. I will answer by saying, “I nabbed it off of some chick in an elevator.”

Day Sixty-Five: Summer Dress

can't wait for warm weather

This is the floor length summer dress that I got from the Indian/Hippie inspired store in the mall. The mall where my brother and sister lives definitely trumps the boring mainstreamed mall that I have near me.

In addition to the pretty (and horribly expensive) store that I got my dress in, there was another hippie store just a few shops down from that one. It was kind of a curiosity, headshop, knick-knack store. I’m not quite sure how to explain it, but most mall stores I go to don’t have an entire rack of incense and holders.

The most fascinating part about the second store was their entire wall of mardi-gras-esque masks. We whimsically pulled almost every single one off the hooks and tried them on. My sister and I decided we need to have a masquerade of some sort. My fiance vetoed the masquerade wedding (darn!), but I think it would be fun to do something like that as a party without having to go to Louisiana mid-semester.

The light is a little funny in this picture. So I took a detailed one so you could see just how pretty the colors are.

purples, blues and sparklies, oh my!

I cannot wait to wear this once the weather gets warm! I’m so excited!!
I believe I have decided which internship I will take. You better believe I will be packing this dress and bringing it with me to wear on my days off. This is a perfect downtown festival wandering around dress!