Day Sixty-Four: Tour de Campus

inspiring picnic shelter

While I was in Illinois my brother had to take class (his spring break is next week). So, while we waited for him to get out of class, Befflets and I roamed Southern Illinois University’s campus.

I am so jealous. In the middle of campus there is a pretty sizable man-made lake [pictured in background]. I told my sister that I would be out there every day between classes just floating in a kayak. Oh, recreation majors :)

I sincerely hope the students use it whether it be for water sports, meditation/reflection, or hanging out while grilling out. It was just so pretty! There was of course a boat barn on one side of the lake which I assume rents its canoes to any student with a little cash.

Pictured, is the fun looking hex-picnic shelter. I had to take a picture and swore to my sister if I ever have to develop a recreational area in my administrative future I would want it to be pretty to look at like that one. I’m sure it costs a whole heck of a lot more than a squared off A-frame roof.

Day Sixty-Three: Road Trip Excitment

signs were the only interesting thing

You can’t have spring break without going somewhere. Even if it is as mundane as visiting the city park, you have to tell folks you did something over spring break.

I drove to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Illinois. It was a long long long and did I mention looooonnnng boring drive down the parkway to get there. Sadly, there is nothing to look at because most of the landscape looks the same.

I did, however, pass by the exit for my fiance’s hometown.
Princeton metro *snicker* and home of the Cougars *outright laughter*

It made me happy to see it and lots of other silly towns, counties and creek names. I passed through one county and got part of a song stuck in my head for a few miles.

Yay for roadtrips and a riding in a reliable vehicle for the duration!