New and Improved! Organized Posts!

Hello readers,

I have been working to make the 365 blog posts more accessible, especially to readers who may just be catching up with my posts or readers who have been with me from the beginning and want to look up that fabulous picture of the half destroyed bus shelter without having to keep scrolling to the bottom of each page and hitting “previous entries.”

On the left column under “pages” I have them organized in fifty posts per page, once I get several of these pages I will likely nest them all within one page.

Also, having completed this task and updated to day sixty on the catchall pages I have noticed that there my calf post wasn’t categorized correctly and has since been fixed.

I will probably not update these pages every single time I post a new blog, but I will try to keep them as up to date as possible as time allows. If this new way of categorizing my growing blog collection doesn’t help others then it will surely help me!

I’m considering organizing my wedding blogs as well in case anyone chooses to follow my progression of planning and nervousness as September grows closer.

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