Day Fifty-Nine: Hats on a Rack

southern charm

Everyone makes the in-bred and slow Southern people joke. Why can’t we get in on it? That right there folks is a 3.87 GPA senior in college and bride to be. I know, I’m gorgeous.

I met my folks at a country cookin’ restaurant that has a little knick-knack store in front and I was marveling at the awful hats with kitschy little sayings on them that summed up the Southeastern mentality in five words or less. I just had to try on the faux-moonshiner’s hat and turn the brim just a hair for that perfect mountain people touch.

Just moments before I adjusted the hat and posed for the picture my fiance said it didn’t look half bad. I hope he loves me for my sense of humor.

I’m tired of this cold weather…Where are my 68 degree days of last week? This is my spring break! I want warm weather!