Day Fifty-Three: Here Comes the Rain Again

falling on my head like a memory

Cows are ridiculous creatures. Yes, they’re tasty to nom on, but being a beef cattle farmer is just tedious. Or at least to me it is because I have a million other things to care for. The winter weather (or seasons where grass doesn’t grow) quadruples the work load.

Granted, my cows look super pimp because my herd is made up of Texas Longhorns. But they’re still just 24 hour eating machines. I had no idea how little cattle slept and how constant their eating habits were until I moved onto this farm.

I have named most of last springs heifer calves now though. O’Hara is the red (naturally), then there is Viola, the little black calf with a white splotch on her face and nubby horns. I named her Viola because when she would romp and play with the others it looked like she was mounting her companions. For those of you that still don’t get it….12th Night’s heroine was named Viola and she dressed up as a man for the majority of the play.

I named the older calf, Pepper (a long while back), she’s the daughter of Sprite so it seemed fitting…In my head.
We sell any bulls we get to the market, but we still have two big’ins in the field. I named them Steak and Shake.

Oh yeah…that picture above. I took this on my walk back from the cow field. It started to pour down rain and my traveling companion (in the form of a mewling, adventurous farm cat) bailed on me to take shelter from the rain.

I might have to add a picture of the unnamed black heifer pretty soon. I will have to start a poll going on what to name her. I was informed that I am not allowed to name her after a food. Suggestions?


Day Fifty-Two: Call of Spring

V-shape trying to form at dawn

Last week, during my camping trip we could hill the Sandhill Cranes all afternoon. They really make quite a ruckus and most of classmates were going nuts because of their call.

In case you’ve never heard it; here ya go: Sandhill Crane Call.
You can look it up on other sources if you choose to be snotty and turn up your nose at that wiki-source.

To me, it just sounds like spring. Where I live, in the Southeast, is smack dab in the middle of their regular migratory pattern. Their call, look and v-formation in the sky are just a couple of dead giveaways.

I snapped this picture while I was out in the field with giving grain to the horses. With the promise of warm weather and the sun rising it was quite magical.

Come on warm weather. I need my sunny spring days.