Day Fifty: RIP Truffle

Pimp mobile from 2007-2011

Yesterday, on my way to meet my way to meet up for a class trip my car just stopped running. Thankfully, it was before I hit the Interstate. Since this car is as old as me, I figured that perhaps the gas gauge was wrong and it was merely out of gas.

Walked to the gas station, bought a can and some gas and walked back. Still no luck after that. I called a tow truck and arranged for my professor to pick me up on the way to our camping area.

In addition to my professor picking me up along the way, he used his AAA card to save me about $50 from the towing cost. It still cost me around $40, but that is much better than paying a hundred bucks. I’m going to have to buy him lunch sometime to pay him back. As sweet as his gesture was, I feel awful that I needed that help.

My mechanic announced my car DOA. No compression of pistons means the engine won’t move. This ’89 is not worth the money to get it fixed.
If my car had lasted another week and a half then my new-to-me car would be in my driveway.

Instead, I had to bum a ride home from a classmate and borrow my parents car for the week. If anybody needs help, please let me know. I gotta throw a balance back into my karma.

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