Day Forty-Nine: Journals

My life in a trunk at the foot of the bed

In my bedroom I have an ancient and scarred trunk that is getting so heavy I can barely pick it up.
By snapping the two locks open and lifting the lid you will see a huge stack of books. Various colors, shapes and sizes.

This trunk holds 21 handwritten personal journals. My first journal was when I was little girl. It is full of drawings and pretend cursive on the pages. My first real journal was when I was 10 and boy is the spelling painful to endure.

I finally started journaling steadily when I was 14. My entries have gotten neater and the spelling has gotten better but as I’ve grown more busy with school they have gotten shorter.

I have received journals from all kinds of people. Although not many people keep a journal they find it fascinating when others do. I have received journals from my parents, siblings, coworkers, bosses, boyfriends, a tutor and my fiance.

I’m working on a purple journal covered in butterflies that my sister gave me then I’m out. If anybody is looking for a good graduation present… :~)

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