Better Late Than Never Breakfast

You will wish you were eating what I am eating now.
Below is pictured the Not-an-Omelet that I made. This improvised recipe changes depending how how many are eating and what we find in the fridge.

Fry up 4 pieces of turkey bacon. I undercooked them a tad and then set them aside.


“Dice” (I drop my standards on the perfectly sized cubes here)

“Dice” up one roma tomato

“Dice” quarter of a regular sized onion  (I like bigger pieces of onion)

Quarter two mushrooms (at least) Sadly, I only had one left

Eggs: Two eggs beaten then add–
Salt, cracked black pepper, red pepper, and garlic (powder, if fresh dice with above ingredients)

Dash of milk (half and half would be wonderful as well. Don’t give me that skim milk crap)
Tear/slice up bacon until they are small adorable bite sizes. I cut mine to look like birds on the horizon (are you kidding me?).

Sautee onion, bacon pieces and mushroom. Add a dash of olive oil to make sure you don’t scorch things. (if you have fresh garlic add it now)

Toss in egg concoction. Cook until almost all the gooeyness is gone (yup, that’s how real pro chefs talk), turn off heat. Sprinkle shredded cheese (your call, I’m a cheddar girl) over top of eggs and make sure it covers all.

Finally add the diced tomatoes and mix it all around.

Remove from burner and serve.

I was out of sour cream to dollop and salsa. Se la vie.

It is still delicious with coffee and OJ.

Ugliest and Tastiest breakfast ever…
Ed: Throwing in something green (onions, peppers, spinach tend to give it more color).  This was a fun recipe that my sister-in-law played with last summer, she now calls it my Not-An-Omelet. Originally posted on January 19th, 2011.

Vetoed Vows

While searching for wedding vows and creating a custom ceremony, I stumbled upon these vividly constructed vows.

Kit and I decided this might shock or offend some guests. I’m glad the Celts are keeping real with their honeycomb and night terrors. ;-)

Traditional Celtic Wedding Vow

You are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone.
I give you my Body, that we Two might be One.

I give you my Spirit, `til our Life shall be Done.
You cannot possess me for I belong to myself

But while we both wish it, I give you that which is mine to give
You cannot command me, for I am a free person

But I shall serve you in those ways you require
and the honeycomb will taste sweeter coming from my hand.


Traditional Celtic Wedding Vow

I vow you the first cut of my meat, the first sip of my wine,
from this day it shall only your name I cry out in the night

and into your eyes that I smile each morning;
I shall be a shield for you back as you are for mine,

no shall a grievous word be spoken about us, for our marriage
is sacred between us and no stranger shall hear my grievance.

Above and beyond this, I will cherish and honor you through this life
and into the next.


Ed: Originally posted on January 16th, 2011.

First Day of WFR Training

I feel that I should post what I’m feeling now so that in a week I can laugh and say, “Why was I so nervous????”

Today was an overwhelming load of acronyms and patient care information. I donno if I can cram it all in my head.

The reasonable part of me keeps saying “no one learns it all in one day, take your time, it will stick, chill out.”

However, the stronger impulses telll me I’m in way over my head.

Today I learned:

  • Primary and Secondary Survey of patients (this involves a metric ass ton of information)
  • Endless acronyms that will soon become a pile of flashcards
  • Taking BP with a cuff (and without). I don’t see how this can possibly be accurate, I suck so badly.
  • My classmate/tablemate hates talking about blood and almost puked/passed out on me today.
  • I want to make the perfect SOAP Note evar…
  • I never want to do triage work.
  • Crap sleep=crappy long day at school.
  • Don’t volunteer to add traction to a femur fracture first.
  • As uncomfortable as I am doing the Head to Toe assessment, I can take heart in the fact the guys were waaaaay more uncomfortable.
  • I’m not the only one with bad ciruclation and freezing fingers while I palpate a patient.
  • Hypothermia can begin setting in at 97 degrees…holy crap, please don’t die.
  • Doc’s jokes make our instructor, Cal, groan too.

Enough playing. I’ve got to gather my gear, wash some laundry, make flashcards and glance at the CPR material for tomorrow.

One day down, seven to go.

Ed: Originally posted January 6th, 2011. Am currently a Wilderness First Responder through SOLO. Great experience and learning environment. Although I have the skills I hope I don’t find a person who I must use them upon.

Mixing it up

I’ve decide to vary my posts a bit more instead of keeping this blog solely for photo journaling. I have another blog that has more of my random thoughts and collections and will be posting those onto this blog. For those of you that read both blogs, you might see a bit of an overlap with the first few.

I was recently informed that my random thoughts are just as good (or bad) as my photoblog and they should all be lumped in together.