Day Forty-Eight: Superbowl Food

57 inches of delicious

One of the best parts of Superbowl Sunday is the food you get to make and eat. This is a sandwich that I put together with my brother. It was such a fun undertaking making this!!

It included cheese, ham, salami, spinach, tomatoes, and of course, olives on sticks. After everyone ate and the game was over I got to take home a section of the sammich for my lunch at work today. Amazing!

I brought ingredients to make guacamole and oh my, what a success!! My contribution to the game day turned out to be a pre-game snack while we prepared the rest of the food. Yup, my guac disappeared long before the game actually started. That is why there is not a picture of it for my blog.

I had no interest in guacamole, until I went to Costa Rica. Now I am adding to my list of foods I suspect will be among my weird cravings if I were to get pregnant. Heck, I have periodic cravings for it now.

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