Forty-Four: Half Way

A better day

Today was much better than Monday. For some reason Monday had me in a pretty self pitying mood. Today, was better though. It’s good to get distractions from the issues. I got to talk out some of my issues last night, which helped a bit.

There is still so much in my life I’m trying to get lined up and organized.
I think the scariest thing right now is getting my ducks in a row for graduation and an internship….then finding a job after that.

Since I can’t cut any stress out of my life I am working on keeping my focus on my goals, incrementally working towards them and making sure I give myself plenty of leisure time to reflect on my progress and spend some time for myself. This blog is one way I can get Me-Time.

Ed: My cheeks are entirely too large, thanks to my Scotch-Irish heritage.

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