That Girl Wears Flowers in her Hair

I’m trying to figure out what to do with my hair for the wedding. There is a strong possibility that both my soon-to-be husband and I will both have long hair. I love braids because they are both sexy, and functional.

His hair is simple to figure out. Wash it, brush it, simple braid straight down the back of his head. Attack his hair with product where the unruly Apache hair sticks out.

My hair I want to be a bit fancier. I have several girlfriends who love doing braids and are amazing with their hands. *wink*
I’m hoping that my hair will be a bit longer in the fall. Right now it’s just past shoulder length. Not anywhere near the length I had before I cut it last fall. Where was the sensible me saying “Girl, you know you hate your hair when it’s short!”??

Did some google searches for some pretty braids and didn’t come up with a lot. Apparently, most women go for the huge prom fluffy style hairdo or tight buns for their weddings.

For example, Sarah Michelle Gellar has a really pretty up-do braid. The only part I don’t like about it is the rat’s nest at the back of her head. That could have been done different to make her look more glam.

I also would kinda like some hair hanging down so when I get to dancing I look super amazing.

I could even go with a simple braid down my back, but I could have it adorned with bunches of real flowers tucked into the braid itself.

Or does that sound too cheesy?

Let’s say that the big day gets closer and closer, but I still haven’t found the perfect braid or hairstyle. I will probably fall back on something easier to put together. Like having my hair down and similar to Sarah’s braid above making a circlet of flowers.

You have to imagine me and not a seven year old wearing that though. Probably in one of my colors too…perhaps yellow?

Here’s an extra pretty one. The original link shows you how to DIY. No I didn’t pick it out because it’s modeled after a Narnia circlet.
This headband is a slightly different style of head dressing. It’s gaudy and rather cute. via.

Look a shiney!

The super awesome side of going for a cheap wedding is not feeling sick at your stomach guilty for spending thousands of dollars on jewelry you will (theoretically) only wear once. My fiance has offered to pay for my wedding earrings so I don’t have to stress over that tiny detail. It’s between the above set and…

Which is better?

I know I haven’t picked a hair style yet, but I will probably end up on a half-do. Half up/half down, which is why I think a smaller earring with a little bit of dangle will be just perfect.

Has this post gone on too long?

Ed.: $20 may not seem like a huge sacrifice, but until I get real employment this summer my back account is slowly waning. I have a screwy class schedule this semester which limits my regular 20 hours per week of work study to equal more bare bones pay checks.

Day Fifty-Seven: Calm After the Storm

good day for muck boots and insulated bib

Ed.: Apparently, I can’t count. Please forgive. This is 365 blog number Fifty-Seven.

Waterlogged yard after the big storm Thursday night. I beat the storm home and had just snuggled down into my blankets when it really started hitting hard.

The lightning was pretty awesome…Until it knocked out the power and I lost my darling Internetz. It was so wonderfully peaceful without the electricity though. There were no security lights, night lights, humming of the refrigerator. It was very, very dark.

After the storm hit the electricity it kept on moving North and it got quiet. Very light sprinkling rain. I slept so soundly that I awoke with a start (and a snort) when my phone rang the next morning at 9AM.

The storm was wonderful, however the cold front that came along with it was not as welcome on my part. Thankfully my bibs cut a lot of the nasty cold.

Day Fifty-Six: Calf by Any Other Name

calf in her "wussup" pose

Okay, so in my blog several days ago I talked about naming of some of last year’s calves. My description of this unnamed heifer was a bit off. Viola has no white on her and she has little horns. The unnamed calf (pictured) has a white splash under her chin, none on her face and no horns.

She is curiously whuffling me and hoping that I will be feeding some treat or perhaps that if I stand still long enough I will become a nibble worthy treat. Her sisters, O’Hara and Viola are just as curious and wanting to play.

I’m taking suggestions for names. Names such as, blackie, spots, patches, mooby and others similar will be rejected.
She is the daughter of She-Daisy (all black longhorn) and her uncle (either Steak or Shake). By the way, that is another reason for wanting to get Steak n’ Shake to the market. In-breeding is baaad and the longhorn blood is being watered down by other breeds, hence the loss of horns or stubby horns in the most recent calves.

Here are baby pictures of O’hara and Pepper, just for fun!

Baby O'hara, with blond eyelashes

Her eyelashes still freak me out a bit. She is a descendant from Pontchartrain if cow bloodlines mean anything to you. He was a bull as long as a train.

Baby Pepper with mother Sprite

Since she has grown older all her red spots have turned deeeeeep red or almost black. She also has stubby horns. Haha, look how awkward she is in this picture.

Day Fifty-Five: Rainbows

arching over my farm

This is a little hard to see taken from my cell phone, but still pretty. I was trudging along, looking at the ground, carrying the skunk shovel and then I glanced up and gasped!

Within minutes this huge arch disappeared, but it was glorious while it lasted. The rain had just stopped long enough and the sun peaked out from the clouds to smile on my farm.

Chin up, not everything is a skunky situation.

Day Fifty-Four: Pepe le Mort

Eastern striped skunk sans pulse

Somehow my Australian Shepherd mix snagged this skunk through the fencing of her pen and managed to avoid the noxious spray. However, this still left me with the job of removing it from the pen.

While I was shoveling up and moving the kill, my dog was happily strutting around the pen. She figured I must have been pretty pleased with her kill because I was making over it. She hopped around me, wagged and drooled….Like I said, she was happy.

I moved the above pictured skunk out to an area that hopefully will advertise it to the scavengers of the natural world. If the coyotes won’t eat it then the turkey vultures will.

I’m pretty sure this is the skunk that has been living around our farm for the last few months. At least the kids have spotted one from time to time and we’ve certainly smelled it.

I don’t know much about the migratory range of a skunk, but now I’m intrigued to look it up. I know that this is currently their mating season, but I’m not sure if they travel to find their female counter parts or how vast their territory can range.

Last semester, I was fascinated to find out that deer are born, live and die usually within a 10 mile radius. Talk about a species doomed to breed itself into disease and weak genes. Not being a hunter this is interesting, I’m sure it’s fairly common knowledge to others.

The part that made this skunk predicament less depressing was the huge arching rainbow that went over my farm today. It was beautiful and gone within fifteen minutes. If I hadn’t been outside working on the skunk issue, then I might have missed it.