Day Forty-One: 21

You missed my birthday!

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I would posting some pictures that I took during this blog’s hiatus. Right after I stopped posting was my 21st birthday. HUGELY important birthday to me. Just like every other day there were parts of it that were wonderful and parts that sucked.

I took a picture of a birthday hat that I McGyver’d at work. It turned out looking like a pope hat with birthday balloons, but I could care less.

My friends picked me up after work and drove me to the local Mexican restaurant for some pitchers of margaritas. They also brought me a tiny vase of flowers :)

Later in the evening the waiters smeared my face in whipped cream as they sang me ‘happy birthday/feliz cumpleaños’ and even later in the evening I got a pirate hat and patch eye. These two accessories aided me in stomping around the parking lot in my high heeled boots yelling “arrrrr”….Pictures of that won’t be on this blog.