Day Forty: Melting

Frosted Barn

This past winter has given us some of the best snow I’ve seen in several years. I feel like I haven’t really shown my appreciation much since I haven’t built a single snowman or gone sledding. Some of the snow this winter…ahhh, perfect for sledding.

Even if I haven’t had much of chance to go out and romp in the snow at least I get to enjoy the beautiful frost it has left over the farm.
Above is the barn in the backyard, with the blowing wind it gave the front of the barn a cover of icing. Even the horses’ manes have bits of icing on them early in the morning.

As much as I love the snow, I sure do love the warm weather that melts it away. Weather in the 50s and 60s help chase away the cold winter nights that are so vivid in my recent memory.