Last fall, about half way through the semester my computer decided to get a horrible virus and refuse to work. My netbook was my means of downloading pictures from my camera.

The trials began.
I went to my campus’ IT department, but after they kept it for two weeks they told me they couldn’t do anything because they weren’t certified to mess with the harddrive of anything but a Dell.
They couldn’t even rescue my files from the corrupt paper weight.

I have a geek friend who took my computer but because he had a real job he had to find time for my little netbook.
I have had it back since Christmas, but haven’t really thought about this blog until a friend asked me if I kept one.

Holy cow, I thought, I do have a blog.

My wordpress informs me that I have about two views per month when I wasn’t posting. So in the interest of my 0-5 regular readers I would like to keep posting.

Since there has been such a jump in my 365 blog I will just pick up where I left off. I will continue posting until I have 365 pictures on this blog.  I may post some pictures that I took during my hiatus, but I will make sure to note that they are old photos versus the “What I’m doing today” ones.

Classes begin on Monday. Expect a new blog post and a new picture.

Here’s a bonus:

Photobombing my fellow rangers is something I love doing in my free time