August: Honorable Mention

At the end of each month I would like to post an Honorable Mentions blog. There were several photos I thought were really special, but I had to choose just one for the blogs. So this is where those awesome pictures that didn’t make it are going to be found. I realize I had about a week of August to pick from and post. I am going to have to find a way to keep September’s HM blog from being a jungle of photos to be waded through.

Day 3: Sunset

Although this was a beautiful sunset over the city I went shopping in it was not as memorable as the sushi I had for an early dinner that day. Usually the city folk miss out on the beautiful happenings in the heavens. I hope they looked out their windows for this.

Day 6: Cave Entrance

This is the cave entrance that was blasted open in 1931 and it has 183 stairs for visitors to descend. Some visitors have to climb this daunting set of stairs at the end of their tour. To me, it is one of the few impressive man-made things inside my National Park. Most of what I find fascinating are the things that water created underground. When you have a choice between two cuties and some blasted rock, which would you pick?

Day 8: Cattle

I honestly wanted to post some of the pictures I got of my little herd, but I felt obligated to post something academic because it was the first day of school. This little calf was giving me the stink-eye as I filled the water troughs. She was infinitely curious about me, though she kept a wary distance the whole time. Sadly, she probably won’t ever grow a huge set of horns like some of the long horns in the herd because of what her parents are.

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