Day Thirty-five: Barnyard Birthday

no touching

Took my friend to the local ice cream and dairy barn place. We ate lunch and before she could take her first bite of the quesadilla I stole her plate, made her close her eyes and lit some candles in it.

She was out of state when her birthday rolled around, but I made up for it when she came to visit.

We also had to take pictures with the cow who had a big sign on her side saying “No touching or leaning.” Kicks has to test the limits.

Two ladies from a bus load of elderly folks exclaimed “Does she only have two teetsies? Oh my, poor girl.” We choked on our ice cream and glanced over to check out the anatomically incorrect milk cow.

Happy Birthday, Kicks!

Day Thirty-four: Creeping from the Depths

the monster of the sink

This may appear to be some common spider of the South Eastern U.S. region, but you would be mistaken. This is an aerial shot of a spider destroying a city. That thing that looks like a bit of corn is really a yellow school bus.

Next time I will work on my scaling so you can really see the size of the subject.

When I discovered it taking over Sink City I squealed and tried to kill it with the fireman’s hose I had handy. This did not stop the monster. Finally I called on the aid of General O’Brother by literally giving him a call.  He teased me about it, but in the end advised me to crush it with a cup.

Spiders as big as cities should be feared, but my reaction was irrational.  I hope no one else shares this irrational fear, it is quite embarrassing.

Day Thirty-three: Hulk No Wait for Bus!

you wouldn't like me when I'm angry

So one day the bus neglected to arrive on time. So, I took it out on my school.

Honestly, I have no clue what happened to this bus shelter. I just walked to class one day and it looked like this. I am assuming someone ran into it because there has not been a really bad storm in a while.

After I took this picture and left class to catch the bus back I spotted three facilities management guys outside with heavy machinery crunching this little shelter to bits and hauling it away. Many students stood quite close to the yellow tape to “ooo” and “ahhh” appropriately.

Day Thirty-two: Peppered with Surprises

buckshot of chiggers

Let’s pretend this is the mid-section of another female that I go to school with who needs to do many more crunches and is lucky she did not visit Tampa over spring break.

After my hike in the woods I discovered that I was itching like crazy. My midsection and ankles were covered in chiggers. Before any city folk get their panties in the twist, that is not a derogatory term for anybody…except maybe the bug itself.

They are little creatures that are similar to ticks. They burrow under the skin and on the surface of the host produce a small red spot (above) that itches a whole bunch worse than the worst mosquito bite you have ever had.

Needless to say, my weekend was itchy.

Day Thirty-one:

enjoying my afternoon

One of the perks to being a Recreation Administration major is I study leisure so much that when I actually take a break and enjoy myself I appreciate it so much more.

I got out of my class early with a couple of hours to spare before I started work so I caught up with a friend, ate some food and flopping down under some cherry trees to enjoy the shade on this super hot day.

The heat was so much that the only way to cool off was lie completely still in this shade. I almost fell asleep. Half-crappy campus food, lovely shade, good company, shitty post-lunch coffee, great day.

I promise to stop taking quite so many random scenes from campus that include no interesting buildings or people in them.

Day Thirty: Waiting

don't mind waiting in the warm sun

In this shot I sat down on the sidewalk to wait for the bus to take me to my branch campus where I have Spanish class twice a week.

The cool breeze was perfectly balanced out by the warm sun kissing my skin. It was so relaxing I did not want to get on the bus when it finally came. The only thing I would have changed would be to make the concrete softer, but no less warm.

Day Twenty-nine: Hikin’ the Land

Mrs. Fredonia Hurse

Had a hiking day for class yesterday. This a photo from the graveyard we found on the 140 acre property that our campus owns.

Fredonia Hurse died in 1869, which according to the anthropology survey conducted this past spring is the latest date in the graveyard.
Most of the graves are unmarked stones set up in this area.

On the property we also found a homestead where the family used to live and lots of garbage (metal mostly) that we hope to haul off the property.

The work starts now, we must decide on an appropriate improvement and service project for this land. We also have to have said project completed by the beginning of December.