Day Four: Hot Air Popper

pop, pOp, POP!

This evening’s entertainment in the farmhouse; a hot air popcorn popper. This is, IMHO, the only way to make popcorn. Light, fluffy and hot popcorn is made a thousand times better with the appropriate toppings.

My popcorn is topped with melted butter, salt and nutritional yeast. Note for the ignorant: Nutritional yeast is not brewer’s/baker’s active yeast (that you use in bread), this type of yeast tastes cheesy.

You can find nutritional yeast at health food stores. I highly recommend it on popcorn and you can make an awesome buttery sauce to pour over steamed asparagus.

Day Three: Sushi is a Battlefield

ravaged nomms

Among the frustrating happenings of yesterday there are always some good things. So, in this photo I am trying to keep focused on the good stuff…Or, what is left over of the good stuff.

This is my sushi plate from the Japanese restaurant and college kid scene of late. It’s a little out of focus because I don’t have the best camera, but that just goes to show I am trying to focus on the good stuff though I’m getting distracted by the other stresses.

Mmmmmmm, Sushi.