Day Two: Settin’

The sitting henA couple of days ago my niece found this hen sitting underneath the bushes in the front yard. After explaining the process of incubation and her going undisturbed for a while my nieces were ecstatic and now give me daily updates on her actions. Yep, she’s still outside sitting on those eggs.

I can’t imagine their level of excitement when those eggs hatch out. Keep away predators!

New Life

Horse LegI was recently inspired by a friend to try Project 365. Try not, do or do not. I will complete the 365 photos in a year. As my schedule will be hectic I realize that I will not upload a photo every day, but I will try to not fall further behind then a week.

This is an awfully scary picture upon which to start my project. This is a photo of one of my horses with a wound on her left hind leg. The vet is coming tomorrow to check on her. I am really worried about what the diagnosis will mean for this middle aged mare, but I’m preparing for the worst.

Tomorrow will not be such a graphic photo and I will keep my multitude of virtual readers updated on the condition of the horse when I hear news.

Photo one update: My horse has Proud Flesh on her hind leg. Most of it was removed and her wound dressing has to be changed daily. She’ll live, but she won’t like her daily treatments.– 8/24/2010