The Shower Predicament

Call it unlucky, bad karma, or perhaps I’m just a bad person and am being punished by an omnipotent force….Your call.

Over the last week my roommate and I realized that the hot water in our shower didn’t last more than three minutes.
Now when you turn the water all the way up it is room temperature and just gets worse in five minutes.

We didn’t have this problem during the summer and we have our own water heater for our apartment, we don’t share with loads of other people. Neither of us take lengthy showers anyway. I take showers in the morning, she takes them at night and we’re never in there for longer than 15 minutes.

We called our apartment maintenance manager two days ago, Lillian got his Vmail and left him a message. He called her back when she couldn’t answer the phone….His message was not entirely helpful.

He explained that our water heater was heating both water (of course) and also was responsible for heating the house.
This is not the problem, we have our heat set on 70, that can’t be making showers impossible.

He also told us to turn up the dial on our water heater. Good advice, ours is on “VERY HOT”…..I doubt there is a higher setting.

I called him yesterday and got an answering machine again, but tried to explain more thoroughly the brevity of our showers and we’re not stupid blondes who stay in the shower for an hour and a half.

He called me back and I played my role.  He’s coming by tonight to try to figure out what is wrong…..Sighs*

That’s the first problem. Luckily, Lilian and I are managing fast and chilly showers to get by. Her hair although very thick, is a short mohawk.  Mine is shoulder length and thick as a forest.
I cannot wash my hair in our shower……We both look forward to going over to stay the night with our gentlemen friends so we can take hot steaming showers.

Well, there is issue number two. Let it be known that people have already coined the phrase….”Be careful what you wish for.”
I wished for a hot shower….I got one.

This morning I was already cranky because I had very little time to actually spend with Leo, and it’s also a pain in the ass that I am running around trying to find out when my final exam is today.

So I get my towel and have my nice morning pee. (very relaxing).
Turn on the hot water to get it warmed up….It’s steaming within seconds and that puts a smile on my face.

I stand in the shower, pull the stopper so the hot water goes through the spout….And then I begin to adjust the water….or so I thought.

As I turned the cold water knob—No more forcefully than any other day—It snapped off in my hand. I stared dumbly at it for a second, then like all primates, I tried to put it back on.

That did not work and under closer inspection the plastic that it had connected to was broken….damnit.

I turned the water off and got out of the tub, ready to get dressed and drive back to the apt….when I realized that the water was still running, I turned the hot water knob. That didn’t work.

Like the monkey I am I stuck my hand under the facet and, you guessed it, the water dribbling out was cold. Apparently before I she-hulked the knob off I had turned the cold water on just enough to waste it.

Of course I had left my wrench and other plumbing tools in my other towel. So I called Leo, who had already left for work, where his plumbing towel utility belt was.
He asked why…..*sighs*

Leo turned back around and came back home to turn off the damn water, and then wrench the broken pieces off of the pipes.

I got dressed and came to the apt. I is not showered, I is in a fowl mood.

7:53PM UPDATE—Our shower is fixed…The planets have aligned and the girl is, again, pleased which means the world has ended its unrest.